Building an Audio Morse Code Generator

EEME makes hands-on projects and online lessons to teach kids electronics.

With the components from our monthly subscription project kits, you can actually build electronic devices outside of what we define.

Here we’ve built a circuit which you can use to generate audio morse code - a code to transmit text with sound.

Digital camera is an IR detector

This Morse Code Generator uses the buzzer, resistor, and push button components from 2 of our monthly projects - Project Tentacles and Project Fade To Black - and is built on our breadboard and battery pack platform - all of which we provide in our monthly project kits.

Watch the short video clip below to see the circuit in action.

To learn how the breadboard and circuit works, check out our free online lessons which will allow your family to understand how this morse code generator is wired together with the breadboard.

Can you tell me the word we morse coded in the video?

If you are not a monthly subscriber, you can also build this circuit with the following components - available from a store like Radio Shack:

  1. A piezo buzzer
  2. A resistor (any value less than 5k Ohms should work)
  3. Wires
  4. A “normally-off” pushbutton
  5. A pair of AA batteries
  6. A breadboard
  7. (Optional) - battery holder

You can always subscribe to our monthly hands-on kits to save time sourcing parts and get building ASAP!

Thanks and happy building!

Jack "EEME Dad"

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