Digital camera to see infrared light

Project IR is one of EEME's monthly hands-on projects to teach kids about infrared (IR) light. Since we cannot see IR, Project IR builds an IR detector circuit.

But if you have not had a chance to build an EEME Project IR, no worries. Grab a digital camera or your smartphone!

Digital camera is an IR detector

This whole time, you may have thought a camera is just good for taking pictures and videos. Well turns out it can see things humans cannot!

Check out our video clip of a fun experiment to try with the family to pique their interest for physics and learning about light waves.

Word of caution and warning - if you try the experiment in the video at home - where you plug in a stripped USB wire into your computer or power adapter - you run the risk of damaging your equipment if not handled carefully.

With that said…

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Have fun and happy building!

Jack "EEME Dad"

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