EEME family builds Genius Buzzer

An EEME family recently took Project Genius Light and Project Tentacles - from EEME's monthly electronics project subscriptions - to build a Project Genius Buzzer!

Digital camera is an IR detector

Hey EEME Dad!

Here is a beeper that will sound if it is too dark and if something is too close to it.

Components Needed: 1. piezo beeper form Project Tentacles 1. 3.3k resistor from Project Tentacles and/or other resistors around 3.3k 1. 4 wires from Project Genius Light 1. Photoresistor from Project Genius Light

Concepts learned - how a piezo buzzer works - how varying the amount of resistance affects the sound of the beep. - how it is similar to an IR sensor, but with visible light instead

Totally awesome! Hope your family is inspired as we are!

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Happy building!

Jack "EEME Dad"

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