How to learn with EEME

Learn with EEME's Virtual Breadboard

EEME makes hands-on projects and online lessons to teach kids electronics. Through hands-on project base learning, kids not only learn the subject at hand but they also develop a curiosity for how things in the world around them work.

Unlike most edutainment toys, each EEME project combines the entertainment of building with explicit teaching and learning.

There are predominately 2 ways to learn with EEME.

1) With our FREE interactive online lessons.

By signing up with a free account, your family can build and learn about various electronics circuits with our interactive platform.

These online lessons are the best way to get introduced to the EEME learning and building experience.

Virtual Breadboard Screenshot

2) With our monthly hands-on project subscription.

Each month, your family will receive an electronics project kit to work on. Each project is paired with its own online curricula to not only show your family how to build the project, but also teaches them the concepts applied. Each month’s project builds in concept from the previous months’.

Our monthly projects are ideal for kids (ages 7 and up) and families who look forward to a new project to work on each month.

Sample electronics project

EEME emphasizes learning and fostering curiosity through hands-on play. In addition to our projects and lessons, we are constantly streaming educational projects and experiments to try on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages. So please stay connected with us!

Lastly, EEME would not be great without your support and feedback. So please provide us your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve.

Don’t hesitate to reach out! I personally check and answer every email received.

Thanks and happy building!

Jack “EEME Dad”

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