Teaching kids with real electronics components

EEME commits itself to teaching kids electronics with real electronic components that practicing engineers use to build circuits - not snappy toys or magnetic widgets.

Our commitment to using real electronic components is apparent in our monthly hands-on projects.

But our FREE online lessons also stay true to this commitment. Your kid virtually builds a circuit on a "real" breadboard, using "real" resistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc.. Our free online lessons parallel the handling of real electronic components in the physical world in a virtual online environment.

At the end of the day, by building with real components at an early age, we will develop our kid's:

  1. Dexterity in manipulating things carefully
  2. Confidence in knowing they are using "adult", "real" pieces
  3. Patience and grit to complete what they start
  4. Attentiveness to following instructions

... nurturing the foundation for them to invent and build the digital devices of tomorrow.

Digital camera is an IR detector

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Happy building!

Jack "EEME Dad"

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