Other projects, experiments you can build with EEME

Digital camera is an IR detector

EEME makes hands-on projects to teach kids electronics. One way to learn with EEME is with our monthly hands-on electronics projects. Each month, your family receives a new electronics kit to build and learn about.

Besides the projects we define, there are actually a number of different things you can build and experiment with using the components from our projects kits. Here are a couple of suggestions (from us at EEME as well as submitted from EEME families building our monthly kits):

  1. LEGO reed switch (using LEGO pieces, magnets and Project Attraction)
  2. Lemon battery LED light circuit (using lemons and Project Genius Light)
  3. Infrared proximity sensor (using Project Tentacles and IR)
  4. Project Genius Buzzer (using Project Genius Light and Project Tentacles)
  5. Morse code generator (using Project Tentacles and Project Fade to Black)

What other project ideas can your family come up with? We’d love to know! Please submit your awesome project ideas!

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Thanks and happy building!

Jack "EEME Dad"

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